The Referral Game

If you think GPS Police could benefit a friend or company you know, we’d be honoured if you were to recommend us.

  • The person you refer will get 10% off their initial order
  • For every Link or Ping that the person you refer buys—depending on the Airtime associated—you’ll get points:
    • 5+1 months’ airtime = 1 point
    • 10+3 months’ airtime = 2 points

What do points get you?

  • Each point gets you a $5 gift card (Amazon or Apple) paid out at the month-end.

Want to play? Check the leaderboard and send referrals here:

  • 'Referrer' = an existing customer of GPS Police
  • 'Referral' = a prospect or potential new customer of GPS Police
  • Points are awarded at the referrals' time of the purchase
  • The initial order discount will be a 10% refund once the referral is confirmed on the next business day
  • Referrals must be made from in your HQ account here:
  • When a referral makes a purchase, they must explicitly mention the person or company who referred them
    • The referrer must be an existing customer
    • If a referral mentions a referrer that doesn’t match, no points will be awarded
    • You can’t refer yourself–c'mon don't cheat
    • Once a referral is confirmed, any additional orders placed at later times will apply
  • We want this to be fun and rewarding—so enjoy it!
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