Video tutorial


Ensure you have credentials to sign into HQ. You'll receive these in an email from us. You'll require three things:

  • Account name
  • User name
  • Password

If you don't know these or forgot them, call our toll-free support @ +1 (877) 411-1110.

Sign in

Go to our website https://www.gpspolice.com and click the Sign in button

After clicking Sign in you'll be brought to the following page where you'll enter your HQ credentials:

Forgot password

If you don't know your credentials or forgot them, call our toll-free support @ +1 (877) 411-1110.


If you experience any problems using our HQ or our services, please submit a ticket through gpspolice | support to our support desk. While our telephone support line is only open from 9:30am to 4:00pm, our gpspolice | support is open 24/7/365 and tickets, depending on urgency, are answered immediately.

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