Grid Atlas is the new-and-improved version of LSD Finder. Grid Atlas lets you map, convert and share LSDs (legal subdivision) addresses for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, NTS BC grid coordinates, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, and street addresses. It also provides additional features: a public directory comprising the details of all 600,000+ well sites and 100,000+ facilities in Alberta, including which companies and organizations they belong to. Like LSD Finder, Grid Atlas is available as a free service, and is developed and hosted by GPS Police, developer of fleeting tracking products for companies.


Free Business
Cost Free $0.50 per user, per day
Lookups 20 per day * Unlimited per day #
Save locations No Yes
Multiple users No Yes
Private directory No Yes
API access No Yes
API lookup cost No $0.001 each @

* per public IP address

# First 40 lookups free, $0.50 per additional 40 lookup

@ 1 cent = 10 lookups



Video: Welcome to Grid Atlas

Lookups. To ensure good performance and and a consistent quality-of-service, Grid Atlas employs a lookup quota. For unregistered (free) users, the daily quota is 20 lookups, and applies to the user’s public IP address. What this means is, if you work at a company or organization where many people use Grid Atlas, you may sometimes find that when you visit Grid Atlas, your daily quota is already reached—because one or more of your colleagues have already used Grid Atlas that day. Because all people in your company display the same public IP address to Grid Atlas, they share the daily quota.

Why sign up for Business? The above issue can be solved by asking your manager to register a Business account, then invite you and other members of your team to his Business account, where he is responsible for billing and setting permissions. Joining a Business account provides numerous features and advantages. First, Business accounts can have an unlimited number of users who do not share a common lookup quota. Each user in a Business account has 40 lookups per day. If a Business user needs more than 40 lookups in a single day, no problem. When his lookups reach zero, Grid Atlas automatically extends an additional 40 lookups at a cost of $0.50. This means, if you needed to convert 160 LSDs, it would effectively cost the Business account $2.00.

Save locations. When you are part of a Business account, you can save locations that you look up. You can also label them, and add details—such as license number, description, and other notes. You can then share those locations with other people in your team, get driving directions, send others driving directions, and much more.

Multiple users. As Business account owner, you can invite employees, colleagues and partners to be users in your account with privileges and permissions you specify. Each active user in your Business account costs $0.50 per day. If one of your users does not need Grid Atlas for a period of time (e.g., away on vacation), you can “paused” him or her—and you will not be charged $0.50 per day. (When that same user needs Grid Atlas again, you can simply “unpause” them by setting them back to “active”.)

Private directory. Business accounts can share saved locations within their account. For example, an energy company could save the locations of all of its field offices so that employees, partners and vendors (who have been invited to the Business account) can easily get driving directions. An analyst could likewise publish save location of pipelines requiring service, along with technical details and notes, which other users in the Business account can see.

API access. Business accounts have access to Grid Atlas’ API. The Grid Atlas API lets you convert to and from various coordinate systems, including LSD, NTS BC Grid, UTM, and GPS (latitude, longitude). The speed and quality of Grid Atlas’ API is superior to our previous API service LSD Finder, and includes LSDs for the BC Peace Country, and corrections to Manitoba’s LSDs survey data.

API lookup cost. API lookups cost $0.001 each, that is, one tenth of a cent. In other words, $10 buys 10,000 lookups. This is 20% more affordable than our previous API service LSD Finder. You can configure your Business account to auto-recharge when your API lookups balance drops below a certain level.

gpspolice | support

If you experience any problems using our HQ or our services, please submit a ticket to our support desk . While our telephone support line is only open from 9:30am to 4:00pm, our gpspolice | support is open 24/7/365 and tickets, depending on urgency, are answered immediately.
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